My Story


Do you seek balance and harmony in your daily life?

Are you inspired by the subtle geometry of nature? 

Are you drawn to functional yet delightful housewares for your home?

My goal is to infuse happiness and spread calm around the world one pot at a time.  I want to share my joy in creating ceramics that balance form and function with harmonious, nature inspired textures and glazes.  


How I Got Here

I studied Art & Art History at McMaster University and finished my studies with a B. Ed. at Queen's.  I've been teaching high school Visual Arts ever since. 

Being a teacher has given me the opportunity to inspire young artists to reach their goals.  Of course, the other benefit of being a teacher is having time off to recharge and explore my passion in ceramics. 

My journey into the world of clay is owed to my community at the Mississauga Potters' Guild and Toronto Potters Guild.  I have forged wonderful relationships with like-minded people and through them have learned so much about the opportunities available to people of clay.  They have helped to challenge and push me to reach my dreams.

Going to Market

In 2017, I made a concerted effort to build my brand and business.  My marketing expert sister, Jo-Ann Blondin , set me on the path to creating a viable and sustainable business.  She made me see how much I had already accomplished and guided me to learn the steps I needed to take to get my business up and running. 


Quality Control

My teenage children have put my tableware through the works, testing them for wear and tear. They have loaded and unloaded them in the dishwasher, yanked them from the cupboards, heated them in the microwave, drunk unending cups of hot chocolate, and stacked them in towering piles beside their gaming stations. My ceramics have proved to be useful and reliable.

Crystal Ball

In one year, after I retire from my first career, I will be making ceramics full time.  Until then, I will continue to develop my skills and constantly work to balance aesthetics, quality, and craftsmanship.  As I move forward, I will be adding new functional pieces that can be enjoyed daily.  Stay tuned!

I'd Be Honoured

I'd be delighted if you purchased my ceramics as a gift for your friends and family.  Or treat yourself, you deserve it. 

 Jacquie Blondin Ceramic Artist Head Shot