Workshops & Classes

Hand Building Ceramics at Home 

First Module will be released Monday, March 7, 2022! 

First LIVE Session Tuesday, March 8th @ 7 pm EST.

This 8-week online program will give you the skills to harness hand building techniques and studio procedures to consistently find your groove in your home studio.   

Course Fee: $297 CAD  Limited to 20 Students. 

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Conquer Stress with Clay

This online two-hour workshop includes a therapeutic brainstorming exercise, basic ceramic skill development, and implementation of those skills into a handheld clay craft using coils, slabs and two pinch pots that we will join into a symbolic sphere.  

Free for Non-Profit Organizations

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Knots & Stitches

This 6-week online program will give you the skills to harness hand sewing and embroidery techniques to make lasting gifts & family heirlooms.   

Coming Soon!