Testimonials from happy customers:

I purchased a platter from Jacquie Blondin Ceramics to give to my mother-in-law as a Christmas gift. What attracted me to the platter was its gorgeous teal coloured glaze, as well as, the beautiful texture imprinted on its surface. My mother-in-law was thrilled to receive such a beautiful hand-crafted gift, and often uses it when entertaining, not only because it is stunning but also because of its high quality and functionality in size. Next Christmas, I hope to buy her one of Jacquie’s bowls! 

Anne-Marie McBride

I received a unique and very useful platter from Jacquie Blondin Ceramics over 7 years ago. I love the intricate yet modern design. The colours are amazing.  It was imprinted with the text JOY and has indeed given me much joy and many compliments over the years. I display it on a stand and reach for it as a serving dish when entertaining, which I do a lot. I love her creative work.

Carm D'Elia 


I purchased two small matching dotted bowls in earth tones for my sister's birthday.  She entertains a lot and all of her friends loved the unique designs and commented on how stunning they looked on the table. Best of all, she just loves them!

Carolyn Grieve