Spin Wiper Glazing Bat Cover - Green with Cream (Batch Release No.6)
Spin Wiper Glazing Bat Cover - Green with Cream (Batch Release No.6)
Spin Wiper Glazing Bat Cover - Green with Cream (Batch Release No.6)

Spin Wiper Glazing Bat Cover - Green with Cream (Batch Release No.6)

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Say goodbye to the hassle of waxing and enjoy the convenience of a custom-fit pottery tool - the Spin Wiper Glazing Cover - tailored to fit a 13.5 inch bat. Its flexible design lets you use it on a table top or leverage the power of your wheel to make pottery work easier, faster and more efficient! It's perfect for finishing your pottery with a precise, professional glaze line every time. So, go ahead and get creative—your glazing and finishing just got easier!

We exist to help potters Finish!

That’s why we created The Spin Wiper to eliminate time waxing and bring your pieces closer to the finish line.

The Spin Wiper for perfectly glazed pots!

Custom fit cover that saves you time:

  • fits on 13.5" bats for potter's wheel
  • creates a clean professional glaze line
  • use static or spin for motion
  • dampen with water to use 
  • never wax again

Colour: Green with Cream

Product Materials: microfiber, polyester, cotton, sponge, and elastic (extra length included so you can adjust the tension as desired).


  1. Fully submerge in clean water and wring out so it's damp, not wet or once on the bat, evenly spritz with water. 
  2. Determine location for use; for table top - simply cover the bat; for wheel, connect the bat and then cover the bat.
  3. Do not over saturate with water. Water may pool behind the pot on the wheel. If that happens, do not touch it, simply let it dry. To avoid this, keep the cover damp not wet. 


For small sessions: simply spray with water and wipe up with a cloth and hang to dry. 

For saturated sessions: fully submerge in water and clean as you would to remove glaze from cleaning cloths. Wring out and hang to dry.  


To prolong the life of your Spin Wiper make sure the bottom of your pottery is smooth. Because the top cover is a towel, unrefined textures may pull the looped fibres. 

Do not wash in a washing machine. Hand wash and hang dry.

Once used, do not pat the dried mat as it may lift off dried glaze particles. 


  • The materials within glazes may wear the sponge layer down over time. It is normal for the sponge layer to deflate a little over time. I still use the ones I made over 2 years ago.
  • It is recommended that you designate one SPIN WIPER per glaze colour to avoid cross contamination. I use one for white and transparent glazes, one for blues and greys and another for anything containing iron oxide.


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