Hand Building Ceramics at Home

First  Module Released Monday March 7, 2022! 

First LIVE Session Tuesday March 8th @ 7 pm EST!


This 8-week online program will give you the skills to harness hand building techniques and studio procedures to consistently find your groove in your home studio.   


Class Size: 20 students max.


Skill Level: Some of you may be touching clay for the first time as Beginners while others might be proficient wheel throwers looking to add more skills to their repertoire as Beyond Beginners.  


Requirements: You must have beginner ceramic supplies (see how to get them below), and if you intend to fully complete the making cycle you should have access to glazes and a kiln.  For this online course you will need a computer, or digital device.   

Purpose: The purpose of this course is to guide you through the making process and does not cover kiln firing and glazing but rest assured I will address how I dry, bisque, glaze and glaze fire the works.  



6 Modules over 8 Weeks with two Implementation Weeks

  • Module 1 - The 3 Steps to Sculptural Modelling 
  • Module 2 - The 3 Steps to Paring Down & Tidying Up with Kurinuki
  • Module 3 - The 4 Steps to Purposeful Pinch Pots
  • Module 4 - The 4 Steps for Calming Coil Construction  
  • Module 5 - Texturally Sensuous Slabs
  • Module 6 - Crafting Composite Combinations 
  • Each module will have new content delivered to your inbox on my teaching platform. You don’t need to download anything, but you can if you want. All the course content will be organized for you there. You can watch each lesson as it comes out or at your own pace. Each module will focus on a different technique and include a demonstration lesson and include time lapse videos of both the Beginner and Beyond Beginner level project for that technique (10-20 minutes). A real time video will be included so you can create at the same time, playing and pausing as needed. You will get helpful handouts and step-by-step instructions as well as templates as needed.  Estimated Creation Time: 1-3 hrs per project. That's 12 projects in total. 

Access to a private Facebook Group

  • Q&A, Jacquie with check-in 5 days a week at 1 pm EST.
  • Peer feedback and social connections

6 Live Zoom Sessions: Tuesdays 7 pm EST

  • Each week that includes a new module will also have a LIVE Zoom Session on Tuesdays at 7 pm where I will demonstrate the techniques needed for the Beginner Project #1 followed by Q&A session and Breakout Rooms so you can continue to create with new friends.   

Access to Accountability Pods for peer support and encouragement.  



  • Monday, March 7 Module 1 Released
  • Tuesday, March 8 Zoom Session for Module 1 @ 7 pm EST
  • Monday, March 14 Module 2 Released
  • Tuesday, March 15 Zoom Session for Module 2 @ 7 pm EST
  • Monday, March 21 Module 3 Released
  • Tuesday, March 22 Zoom Session for Module 3 @ 7 pm EST
  • March 28 Implementation Week 
  • Monday, April 4 Module 4 Released
  • Tuesday, April 5 Zoom Session for Module 4 @ 7 pm EST
  • Monday, April 11 Module 5 Released
  • Tuesday, April 12 Zoom Session for Module 5 @ 7 pm EST
  • Monday, April 18 Module 6 Released
  • Tuesday, April 19 Zoom Session for Module 6 @ 7 pm EST
  • April 25 Implementation Week 

You get to choose how you want to learn. Go through the course once with the Beginner projects and then repeat it with the Beyond Beginner ones or do one after the other, to reinforce your learning. It's up to you! 


Program Fee: $297.00 CAD All Inclusive 

Lifetime Access: Yes!

Risk-Free 14-Day Guarantee: By the end of these 14 days, Saturday, March 12th by 11:59 pm, you’ll have received access to the Welcome Module with Studio Set-Up and Waste Management Lessons as well as Module #1 including full instructions and videos for 2 projects. Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to test drive your clay journey BEFORE making a final commitment. If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by your experience (and your ability to learn in this way) simply reach out, show me you’ve put in the work, and I'll refund your investment. 

Full details: Take a photograph of your work space with the reference images or objects and your completed Project #1 and let me know where the program fell short for you, so I can be sure to make adjustments or clarify understanding in the future.  


For your PDF copy of my Ceramics Supplies List for Beginners & Beyond Beginners with hyperlinks and examples, subscribe to my email list HERE.