Tableware Collection

The Tableware Collection consists of wheel-thrown and soft slab hand built forms in mid-fire stoneware with Cone 6 commercial glazes.   

  • Wheel-thrown work emerges from raw clay into desired forms from the hand of the potter along with the centrifugal force of the wheel and then are trimmed when leather hard.
  • Soft Slab work gets special attention at two stages, first when it is pliable and then when its leather hard. When pliable it awaits my stamps and lino block plates that give each work an individual design arrangements.  The true joy of carving and creating is realized for me at the leather hard stage.  Imagine carving through chocolate and with your senses heightened.  At this stage all options are open and it is when I am fully in my zone. I hope you enjoy the sensual pleasures of my work as much as I do when creating them.
  • All works are twice fired: once at cone 04 to 1950 degrees F/1100 degrees C and then glaze fired to full vitrifaction at cone 6 to 2192 degrees F/1200 degrees C.


Care & Use