These sculptures stem from my Mentorship with Angelo di Petta over 2016 and 2017.

There are two themes which I explored: Alchemy and Duality. 

Alchemy explores ideas about the creative processes of ceramics. The mounted test tubes enclose the materials that are needed and debris created when going through the entire process: wet, leather hard and dry clay, water, slip, piqued, and glaze.  The three forms represent sculptural processes: the bisqued maquette, high fired prototype, and glazed final sculpture.  I was very proud to have received the Design Award for the Mississauga Potter's Guild Emerge Exhibition at the Living Arts Centre Gallery.  Here's a link to a related article in the Mississauga News. 

Duality refers to the balance of forces with each of us and within nature that sustains us.  Duality explores the textured and layered relationships of life within simplified forms.  I explored interlocking and interrelated forms that both leaned on and supported one another.  Later in the Mentorship, I merged those concepts into one form to express complex relational concepts of dependence and independence. This visual concept was explored in many forms with different inclusions to the clay to create different surface textures.   Works from this collection were exhibited in Uncharted at Lakeshore Arts. 

  • All ceramic work is made from cone 6 clay and fully vitrified to 2192 degrees F/1200 degrees C. 
  • Some of the works have additions of sawdust that were burnt out, some had added grog to increase the visual texture.  
  • These works are intended for decorative purposes and should not be used for food. 


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