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Spin Wiper ~ Pottery Tool for Glazing ~ Shop Update Coming Soon

June is a great month for seeing the fruits of our labours both in our gardens and studio practices. It's a time of renewal and rekindling relationships, from daily walks for inspiration, to time spent with family and friends. However you recharge, I hope you are finding joy on your journey.  What follows are the ways I stay grounded and find joy in my life. I hope you find inspiration here.   

My Daily Inspiration

I finally planted some poppy plants this year but will have to enjoy the ones in my neighbourhood for until they take hold. Poppies are magnificent burst of colour especially when contrasted with purples and greens. I try to capture a record of their changing blooms each day. In case you don't know this, the remaining pods are the inspiration for my Poppy Pod Linoblock Collection.  Here's a link to that page on my website to learn more. 


Poppies and Purple Flowers in bloom among tall grasses
Oriental Poppies in Bloom with Seed Pods

Social Time with Friends & Family

Succulent Planters and Potluck Platters have been on my mind as I think of past and upcoming social engagements with family and friends.  I finally have some ceramic examples to share with you that have gone through the entire process, all they need are Deviled Eggs and Succulents! I am imagining the succulent planters on a patio table centered with an umbrella through it.  Feel free to share your favourite recipe for Deviled Eggs. 

Ceramic Deviled Egg Platter in white gloss glaze


Ceramic Succulent Planter in a Circular Ring with speckled clay and covered in a matte copper green patina glaze


Ceramic Succulent Planter in a Circular Ring in red clay with Gloss White Glaze


Life-Long Learners Unite!

I had an exploratory Spring as I opened my studio to a fellow life-life learner who wanted to learn in a one to one environment. It was a great experience for both of us.  Among other things, like making a damp box and slab templates and objects, we made several test tiles on circular discs (leather hard and bisque; some with white slip and others directly on red clay). We tested different printmaking (including linoblock of course!) and underglaze brands and techniques. Red clay may not be the best colour to work on for many of these techniques but some results were surprising and worth exploring especially the testing of Underglaze brands (Column 1) and linoblock stamp printing with impressions in clay and prints with the underglaze stamp pad (Column 3). 


30 Ceramic Surface Decoration Technique Test Tiles in five rows with six columns


I am about to release the third batch of The Spin Wiper - Bat Cover Glaze Tool.  I make them myself and look forward to assembling them with different combinations so that each batch has unique options to choose from. I have three Spin Wipers of different colours to use when I am glazing, each for a different grouping of glazes (transparent and whites; blues and greys; and iron oxides). Having three, means I don't have to worry about transferring colourants and I don't have to deep clean them as often.

If you are eager to get your hands on one, be sure to sign up for my email list to get the release date and time first.  

Here's the colour selection for Batch No.3:


Spin Wiper Pottery Glazing Tool Colour Options for Batch 3 Coming Soon

Variations on the Theme:

I am working on a few different sizes and styles of the Spin Wiper as I have requests to fit the Aspire Wheel and other bats. In so doing, I made one for my Shimpo Banding Wheel at 9-3/4 inch and it also fits a 10 inch bat which may or may not fit the Aspire; the current Spin Wiper fits the 13.5 inch bat; and I made one to fit the larger plastic bat at 14.5 inches. I have also tested the regular 13.5 inch one on the 14.5 inch bat and it fits as well.  Finally, I am also testing out a rectangular Wiper for those without wheels to fit on a drywall board. Stay Tuned!


Blue Shimpo Banding wheel and ruler showing the diameter as 9.75 inches
Wooden Bat and ruler showing diameter as 13.5 inches
Plastic Bat and ruler showing diameter as 14.5 inches

I'm here to help

I am always interested in coming up with solutions to solve problems for studio potters, so it if you have a problem or trouble spot in your process don't be shy to ask for help or suggestions. 

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