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poppy pod collection jacquie blondin ceramics
My signature Poppy Pod Collection
Over 15 years ago, I was overwhelmed with motherhood and the physical and mental load of caring for my family. I have three wonderful kids - all within 15 months of each other - a singleton and twins and a supportive husband who was dealing with debilitating chronic pain.
kids in sunset jacquie blondin ceramics
My kiddos at Awenda Provincial Park
As you may imagine, I felt lost in my roles. I searched for solutions and recalled a Bucket List I created when I turned 30. It included several craft disciplines, one in which I had not yet tried – wheel throwing on the potters’ wheel. My goal was to commit to an activity that would get me out of my normal surroundings for one night a week. 
Wheel thrown mugs jacquie blondin ceramics
Wheel Throw Mugs circa 2014
I soon embarked on a creative journey into ceramics and it grew into my primary creative outlet. I now have my own slab roller, kiln and sell my handcrafted ceramics online through the Gardiner Museum Gallery Shop and my own website. This practice grounds me and fills me with joy and satisfies my need to set and reach goals.
poppy pod cups jacquie blondin ceramics
Linoblock on Clay with Original Poppy Pod Motifs
When the pandemic hit, everything changed. As a high school teacher, I pivoted
my delivery and adjusted projects to meet student needs by providing step-by-step instructions, How-To-Videos, and one-on-one coaching. Through that experience, I’ve cracked the code for creating projects that build the necessary skills to ensure success. 
LinoBlock on Clay jacquie blondin ceramics
Linoblock on Clay Guild Presentation
In June 2021, after 30 years of teaching art and craft to high school students, I retired!  I then, enjoyed a 6-month, self imposed vacation. Come January 2022, I was raring to go, and began to create my first online workshop Conquer Stress with Clay, my first courses Hand-Building at Home and Knots & Stitches
embroidery felt owl in high school craft class
Little Felt Owl with Sewing, Applique and Embroidery Skills 
 punch needle jacquie blondin ceramics
Punch Needle with Wool 
applique sewing embroidery jacquie blondin ceramics
Applique, Embroidery and Mini Punch Needle
My workshops and courses are designed for you to work in your home while encouraging you to set time aside for yourself with activities that feed your soul. 

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