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It's no secret that I had some plans and dreams to realize once I retired. 

I made it through the first six months relaxing, reading and experimenting with clay in my studio. My previous work wake-up schedule shifted by three hours with late nights to bed at 1 am and waking up at 9 am.

My morning routine involved cozying up with a coffee in a handmade mug while scrolling through social media or reading a novel and getting ready for the day. By 1 pm I was ready to complete daily chores or play.


Something happened when 2021 turned into 2022!

The New Year brought on a surge of renewal and energy and it was time to put all my thoughts and plans about teaching an online Hand Building Ceramics course into action.

I have been working diligently over the last two months on research, marketing, content planning and creation and have learned so much and finally published it on Sunday night. 

I have used Thinkific as the teaching platform. Luckily, I had some training with my own website so the learning curve was not as daunting as I feared. 

From a student perspective it is secure and easy to navigate. 


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The course is called Hand Building Ceramics at Home. 

This 8-week online program will give you the skills to harness hand-building techniques and studio procedures to consistently find your groove in your home studio. 

A comprehensive program for creating 12 hand-built ceramics projects in the comfort of your own home.

The Hand Building Ceramics at Home online course offers a new way to learn as we navigate our way through limited access and much-needed motivation together. 

It is designed for Beginners and Beyond Beginners. 

There's a lot more and it's all in the sales page HERE

Please take a look!

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A big thank you to Sue McLeod, Angie Bailey and my son Lucas, who each helped me at some point to meet the challenges that arose and helped to keep me focused and on target. 

Without a doubt, the biggest incentive to meeting deadlines and creating course content was knowing that I have a group of students who placed their trust in me and signed up as founding members. Thank you!!! I am beyond grateful for your support! 


hand building ceramics at home


If you are interested in joining us, the course opens as soon as you register and you will receive access to the Welcome Module right away which will help you get ready this week.  

Module 1 is released on Monday, March 7 and the first Zoom Session is Tuesday, March 8th at 7 pm EST. 


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