The Pear Necessities 3-Day Challenge

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Can't sculpt in clay yet? No Problem. I got ya!

I'm sharing my 30+ years of teaching experience in The Pear Necessities 3-Day Challenge with insider secrets to creating a sculptural pear in clay.



It's sure to get your creative juices flowing, even if you've never sculpted before or made clay forms that you couldn't identify when done.

Don't delay! Don't miss out on this opportunity or you'll lose out on a mind-blowing step in your creative journey.

Prepare to be inspired:

  • 3 days of content with worksheets and videos

  • Facebook Group Q&A through the 3 days

  • Live Zoom Session to celebrate your wins and to show off your juicy pears!


Red Clay Pear and Anjou Pear bringing Joy and Hope to all!


Ceramic Pear in Turquoise Glaze - Cone 6 Oxidation 


Ceramic Pear - Raku with Turquoise Crackle Glaze

It's set up like a mini-course with all the bells and whistles of my signature course just to give you a taste of the real thing.

Did I mention that it's absolutely free

It's all set to release Sept 9-10-11 but when you register you get early access to all the content except the scheduled daily lessons. 


Click the link below for details:

The Pear Necessities 3-Day Ceramics Sculpture Challenge


I hope to see you there!

All best for a wonderful long weekend and a great start to the new school year!

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