The Pine Tree Potters' Guild Show & Sale in Aurora

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Where does the time go?

A year has passed since the Garden Tour road trip with my sister Jo-Ann and a few other sister tours have come along but this time it was my turn to bring her on a journey.  

Destination - Aurora and The Pine Tree Potters' Guild Show & Sale

With the GPS and google maps app set to go, finding it was easy so long as I followed my Garmin.  It's weird how one's ability to see a route in one's head is slowing going the way of the Dodo.  Before smart phones and GPS I used to look up a location on google maps and print it out.  I would study the route and hardly need to look at it again.  I used to pride myself on my ability to always know my bearings.  Now I think I am loosing that gift from lack of use. Who's the Dodo now?  

Back to Aurora...

I really didn't know where it was, my only concept was northeast of Toronto. We had a great talk about life, business and marketing on the drive there.  We soon found ourselves turning off a main street onto the requested address as we approached The Aurora Cultural Centre a gorgeous old brick building that sat majestically on a hill. The old tall red doors creaked open and two greeters welcomed us to the Pottery Show and Sale.

Pottery by Kendra Honey


The guild had two large rooms at their disposal and utilized the spaces within to create ease of flow for customers while maintaining great sight lines.  The huge narrow windows provided wonderful natural lighting and added to the charm of the work showcased.  

Pottery by Carol Teal

Do you ever imagine how you would arrange your own artisan booth?

I always make a point of noticing how other potters and ceramic artists display their work. Many group sales are governed by a collective set of guidelines to ensure quality and consistency in presentation.  Some guilds have varying heights restrictions. Almost all have the same size of table with unified table clothes but artists create personal distinctions on their tables with subtle contrasts in natural fibres like linen or bamboo runners. What I really liked about this sale was the different ways people presented their wares.    

The featured cover Pottery and Pottery shown here by Jennie Creeggan


It's all about Levels!

Many artists use risers to create height using boxes to hold up the shelves of glass, wood or plexiglass-glass. Some use plate racks and other use acrylic stands to elevate the work. Displaying platters vertically really plays off their designs and gives the customer an idea of how they could display the ceramics in their own homes. One of the most important items to have at the booth is the artist's business card.  I have shown just a sneak peek of Rhonda Uppington's booth and business card display because I plan to show your more of her work in the next blog post. 

Ceramic Business Card Display by Rhonda Uppington

Unique Antiques

Still one of my favourite ways to display work is on antique furniture.  I have an old dough boy that has travelled from family member to family member all the way from my mother's granny to me. I so want to make it part of my display but am daunted by its size.  This next artist seems to not be affected by that challenge. Setting up this booth must be a two person task. 

Pottery by Linda Szoldatits

Pottery by Linda Szoldatits

Spotlight on Lighting

Seeing this again reminds me to consider lighting.  Many artists recommend lighting for both indoor and outdoor booths. The key is to figure out how to create a structure that hides the cords and allows you to accent the work in the best light. 

Pottery by Deb Reilly

Flower Power

A final touch is the addition of fresh flowers.  They bring life to the party and what better way is there to show customers how great your product is than showcasing its purpose. 

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  • Sharon Boon on

    Great information, you have given those of us who may be setting up tables at Guild shows in the Summer and Fall a lot to consider. I really appreciate the photos.

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