Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself

I am the Jacquie behind jacquie blondin CERAMICS. I design, create, fire, glaze, market, show, pack and ship all on my own. I have been a secondary school Visual Arts teacher for over 25 years and teach a Youth Ceramics class at the Mississauga Potters Guild. I live and work in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 


Quality & Craftsmanship

I design and create quality handcrafted ceramics and sculpture. My tableware collection includes both texturally infused wheel thrown and soft slab ceramics with function at its core.  My sculptural work explores textured forms and concepts of strength and support within interpersonal human relationships. 

Education & Teaching

I studied Art & Art History at McMaster University where I fell in love with sculpture and drawing. I finished my studies with a B. Ed. at Queen's and have been teaching high school Visual Arts ever since. 

Being a teacher has given me the opportunity to inspire young artists to reach their goals, while challenging me to create projects rich in historical and contemporary connections, concepts and techniques.  Of course, the other benefit of being a teacher is having time off to recharge and explore other interests, namely ceramics.

Bucket List - Goal Setting Begins

In my past, before marriage, kids and a mortgage - I used to save up my money and travel to see the great art and architecture that I had studied in university. It was on one such trip that I made my Bucket List.  I posted that list in my studio over the years, as a reminder to constantly challenge and improve my skills.

Skip over a few years of significant changes (marriage and subsequent two pregnancies that resulted in three babies), I found myself yearning to create in a different way.  I started sewing and painting seasonal ornaments and stockings which I sold to neighbors and colleagues. I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I received and repeated the same cycle with varying products over the next few years.  After saturating my little niche market, I looked over at my Bucket List and saw item No. 26 "Learn to Throw on the Potters' Wheel".   

My Guild - Beginning the Journey

After a short online search, I found the Mississauga Potters' Guild and signed up for my first class. Four consecutive classes later, I was beyond smitten and joined as a studio member.  My husband encouraged me to keep going on this new and creative path, so I created a connected body of work that I still make today - although the quality of my work has significantly improved.  


Commitment to Growth

In 2017, I made a concerted effort to build my brand and business.  My marketing expert sister, Jo-Ann Blondin, set me on the path to creating a viable and sustainable business.  She made me see how much I had already accomplished and guided me to learn the steps I needed to take to get my business up and running.  She also helps me with photography and took this stunning photo of my bowl with raspberries. 

Quality Control

My teenage children have been a constant source of help: my eldest son with technical support with Illustrator and Photoshop; and my middle child and second son with style and branding (with his unmasked honesty); and my daughter who has been my go-to pal for any of the inspirational day trips to galleries and waterfalls.

They have put my tableware through the works, testing them for wear and tear.  They have loaded and unloaded them in the dishwasher, yanked them from the cupboards, heated them in the microwave, drunk unending cups of hot chocolate, and stacked them in towering piles beside their gaming stations. 

Room for Growth

The whole family has allowed me to take over their play areas, starting with the shared workshop (my first painting and sewing studio), the Lego room (my pottery studio), the mini-stick hockey zone (my photo booth), the cold storage (now inventory storage) and the dining room table (my current office). My children are growing up fast, and through goal setting, I have learned to balance our family time and adventures, with my creative growth. 

Guild builds Community

My community at the Mississauga Potters' Guild has been invaluable to my growth as an artist.  I have forged wonderful relationships with like-minded people.  They have helped to challenge and push me beyond my dreams. I am grateful for their support and guidance.

The Future is Now

In three years, after I retire from my first career, I will be making ceramics full time.  Until then, I will continue to develop and improve my skills.  As I move forward, I will be adding new functional pieces that can be enjoyed daily.  Stay tuned!

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