Cycling, Waterfalls & Friendships

Over three years ago, I got reconnected with the city of Hamilton where I went to university. I had always loved the city and enjoyed traveling to it whenever I had the chance.  So when the opportunity to celebrate my university roommate's 50th birthday came along, I suggested an active day of bike riding and waterfall viewing in the Dundas Valley, that would culminate with a pint at our former drinking hole at McMaster University.


I used the Thule bike rack and hitch on my family minivan that made my family's camping trips more fun.  I pumped up the tires and loaded up three bikes from the garage.  I brought water bottles, snacks and a bike pump (just in case).

My girlfriends and I were like giddy college girls on the drive there, so excited to see each other and share the day together. We parked and unloaded and started our ride over the railway path on even ground and soon found out that not all the bikes fit us that well. It wasn't until we started on the hills near the Rail Trail Station that we realized the brakes on one of the bikes didn't work that well either.  

Although we had mountain bikes, with us at the helm they were no match for the steep inclines we encountered. We traveled part of the main loop trail and saw the ruins of the Hermitage and Little Canterbury Falls along the way.  After walking our bikes along the Bruce Trail when came to the stunning Sherman Falls. By now we were pretty tired but egged each other on and were more determined than ever to see the jewel of the area.  We rode our bikes partially down the escarpment to Tiffany Falls. It's hard to recall which of the two large waterfalls was the most spectacular.  

My friends and I left the last site and zoomed down the mountain to return to our car and load up the bikes.  At last, we were able to enjoy that beer that beckoned the whole way through the active day on the campus of our alma mater.  We toured the hallowed halls and pathways and reminisced about our glorious youth.  


I learned a lot that day.  For one, I learned that I am getting older so I need to treat this body right so I can use it actively for years to come.  Secondly, I learned that waterfalls recharge me. And lastly, I learned that I have some amazing friends who have been there for me for over 30 years.   



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